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Julien Abboud and experimental couture

By Admin I : And the journey of introducing fresh fashion talents to a dry advertising audience keeps going! This time it’s all about “Julien Abboud”.

This post was originally written before this talented designer’s exposure due to his “Haifa Barbie” innovation, which is quite sad to us, since it’s not fair for such a creative mind to have its local exposure because of a pop celebrity’s fame and not based on his pure genius creations. (Just ignore me, you all know i like to dramatize issues..)

So, I was actually a fan of this designer since I followed his journey in the arabic version of “project runway” and predicted such a  successful career for him (I’m such a good luck charm, I know!!). Specialized in ready-to-wear yet passionate in Haute couture, Julien is flawlessly introducing a fresh new spirit to the fashion industry based on true inspiration and research, which is the essence of its original appeal.

From medieval structured silhouettes to organic safari prints and exquisitely embroidered fabrics, Julien seems to be a very experimental designer, focused on his approach and successfully creating distinctive pieces that all together form a cohesive line.

Finally, being a pattern freak myself, is not the only reason that made me appreciate our designer’s talent, but what fascinated me is the fact that Julien was never afraid of colors or shapes or forms, was always ready to experiment and delayed what i call “too-soon self-branding” that makes young emerging designers stuck in their own boxes, afraid of breaking the rules and setting their creativity free!

Keep up the inspirational efforts Julien!




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