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We’re all eating it* with Castania!

What is an integrated campaign exactly?

Google defines it as: a multidisciplinary approach which uses a number of marketing communication techniques in order to deliver a consistent set of messages. The aim is to achieve seamless communication with the audience […] Using a variety of media i.e. TV, radio, press, online, outdoor and direct mail.

By Admin N : In more simple words, it’s when an advertising agency comes up with a concept to advertise and market a product and applies it in different forms and through different media (tv, radio, print…)

So one day, I was stuck in traffic and I saw the following Castania ad (picture courtesy of :

For some reason, I had a gag reflex (go figure!).

I remembered the previous ad where the snowman was behind the window with that sad look on his face craving some Castania *lol* and I thought ok, so this is the sequel, the snowman was finally able to reach the Castania nuts, but is caught by a camera. I overlooked the cheesiness and decided to humor it, that was until I saw the biggest atrocity and that is the headline: “el kell rah yekela hal eid” which holds a double meaning in our Lebanese dialect, it can mean: everybody is going to eat it this holiday or it can mean: everybody is going to get screwed* this holiday. I mean seriously? Can it get cheaper than this? and another question : what if Castania was a brand for another product like chocolate for example, what would the headline become !? “el kel rah yekl* hal eid” ?! Despite all the messed up headlines we see everyday, I have never seen a headline with such an amount of negative connotations (or have I?! )

But the atrocity doesn’t stop here, a week later, I heard their radio ad. And it was revealed to me that these peeps have no clue what an integrated campaign is. Yes, they kept the same headline and offer (the free cams) but they completely altered everything. There was no more snowman but decided to get inspired* from clorets and go “social media”, thus altering the whole concept. The ad went something like this:

Woman: 1200 like aala sourte? Aya soura?

Man: hayed elli kente ghatsa fya b kees Castania

Woman: yiii akalta yaaneh!

Man: hal eid kelna eklina maa Castania!

(the wording is not accurate, but you get the picture).

Enough said?!


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