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ChouChic’s online campaign

By Admin N : When Admin I linked me to the ChOU|CHIC commercials, I wasn’t expecting much, and I wasn’t surprised. I feel like I’ve been in a “bitch” mode for too long and I’m still looking for that campaign that will blow my mind, but until then I shall stick with what this county gives me, THE CLICHES!

CHOU|CHIC is an online shopping website where you get designer items with a discounted price (so they claim).  Now, I must admit the videos are kinda funny, ok they’re amusing, Kudos to Republique Beirut for that. But it seems that we are unable to move on from the stereotype we’ve put ourselves into. I would have loved to see maybe the same concept but a different approach to it, and far from the cheesiness of these very used and abused personalities (the husband is very obnoxious by the way and fits more in the designer stereotype than the typical bored out husband).

But all in all, It’s highly acceptable for an online campaign, com’on it’s not Agency X* bad!

*(Agency X is the obnoxious Lebanese agency doing all sort of advertising harassment)

Do-re-mi-fa-SOLDES-la-si: nightmare material!

By admin I : So here’s another Jewel (more like a faux-bijoux) from this same agency!!
Do-re-mi-fa-soldes-la-si! And we have a campaign, let’s stick it to a visual w yalla, done!
No, seriously, am trying to be objective here. I really did watch the 2 versions of the campaign more than once. really! and even listened to the same jingly-jingle every time i saw the ads!
The problem this time is not get inspired*, but underestimating the process of coming up with a campaign. Big agencies don’t win awards for their ads by coincidence; it is only a result of hard work and creativity. Whether you have an aware client or not, having a random idea applied to a campaign for a “sale season” is not acceptable in an age where people are educated and questioning each and everything. we’re not a passive audience anymore, and we don’t get fooled by a cute kid drooling over a piano to announce the “home city on sale”.
The whole idea behind the visual is to look like shot with a handy cam, to reinforce the spontaneity of the concept (pretending it exists), but suddenly it looks very well shot, with a super clear image, no grains and no framing mistakes, an issue that could’ve been easily solved and saved half of the budget: just use a handy cam! people will buy the horrible quality, just do it!
The endless flow of “why”s keeps going with that campaign: why is a kid telling me about a furniture shop on sale, unless the sale includes doll houses! why is there 2 versions of the ad with no major difference?! why do I have to go through the horrible gimmicky/”comic-bookish” typography in the end, with a jingle that reminds me of the 90s?!
unless Home city’s audience have shifted from housewives to toddlers, this doodle cannot be considered as a campaign..
Sorry if the new year is starting with such a post.. not my fault!


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