“Metel ma shelta”, and the inspiration* goes on

“Metel ma shelta”, and the inspiration* goes on

By Admin N : A few days ago, I noticed a very interesting campaign being shared on facebook, an anti-littering campaign titled “metel ma shelta”. This campaign was done by graphic design students consists of slightly altered 10 000 Lbp with the following message written on its back: “metl ma shelta…fik tshil el zbele 3an el tari2” (like you removed it, you can remove garbage off the street). These bills were scattered on the streets as a sort of an anti-littering awareness campaign, and people were responding well with it. Everyone liked it and I personally thought it was brilliant!

Until I remembered that I’ve seen it somewhere before.

Let’s be fair now, we can say that the campaign may have been inspired but come on! One can’t help but notice the resemblance between this campaign and the Carlsberg littering campaign which itself consisted of throwing 5000 pound worth of 10 and 20 pound bills around the streets of London with a sticker on them that reads: “Carlsberg don’t do litter. But if they did it would probably be the best litter in the world”.

Have we reached a point where we can no more come with new innovative ideas? Has our creative well really run dry? Or are we just too lazy to come up with new ideas? I mean with the Lebanese trend of “getting inspired” by other international campaigns, who can really blame them?!

  1. josef said:

    Sad, but I still think it will do good to implement it in the streets of Beirut so that people learn!

  2. MJA said:

    Lets not forget “great minds think alike!” afterall its not dramatic if one of our local agencies did that! i still think its brilliant to teach our community a lesson!

    • Admin I said:

      well, copied ads are copied ads after all, whether calling it inspiration* or attributing the “great minds” theory to it, nothing will change neither for students nor for agencies. However, i do approve on teaching the community a lesson, desperately needed!

  3. Izzat said:

    Well I don’t think its professional to accuse someone like that without asking them how they came up with the idea in the first place.. let me inform you that I am a close friend with these people and they never heard of the Carlsberg until recently. As someone mentioned before great minds think alike! It happens… I assure u it is not copied nor inspired

    • Admin I said:

      it is not professional to release a campaign without researching if it was done before. even though they’re students, they should be aware of the responsibility. we’re accusing anyone, we’re presenting proofs.

  4. Matt said:

    really sad to see that this campaign has been inspired* as well…and i totally agree with the commenters above: the formative aim of the campaign compensate the lack of creativity

  5. Pekin said:

    The saddest part is the fact that you are trying to put down a positive initiative in our country. Give the students the benefit of the doubt and pickup some trash instead of wasting your time online.

  6. admin N said:

    1- we, in this country, are so immune to these kinda things that we reached a point where we can no longer distinguish right from wrong. Copied series, movies, dvds, music, commercials……
    2- sorry if i failed to properly express my enthusiasm for this initiative in my post, it got people talking and acting .
    3- i can’t actually pat them on the back and say: wow, great idea! because it wasn’t their own! how would you feel if someone took your idea and made it his own?
    4- i am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and i am going to believe that they’ve never came across carlsberg’s campaign and they’re idea was completely original. But as a graphic design student myself, i know that as soon as i get the brief for a project, the first thing i do is research, research, and do some more research. this should’ve come up in their research.

  7. pauch said:

    If i want to state all the copied and “inspired” international campaigns all over the world…!!! it s a never ending cycle.
    So please stop Nagging about Lebanon.

    and in this case :
    Created by them or Inspired that’s not the issue here. What they are trying to do is much important than pointing the finger at them in a bad way. We should give them credits for making an effort to ACT upon something we all agree on but never do something about it.
    They are creating a buzz, an awareness on the littering issue. So let s not put them down and try to support their campaign.

    • Admin I said:

      we totally support the intentions and the purpose; but again, that doesn’t make copying right.

  8. Izzat said:

    you are right about the last point.. they should have researched before! but at least they are trying to make a difference.. it is a good initiative.

  9. Omar said:

    Man whats wrong with u ? Theyre encourged students to make a difference. Inatead of sittin behind a desk researching why dont u so something creative urself? You should be encouraging them to spread awareness not demotivating them. Theyre doing this becasue they care. Besides who are u? If it weremt for this group of students i wouldn’t have heard of u. Are you using them to get recognition? While they try were trying to spread awareness ur tryin to spread hate. Well done

    • Admin I said:

      this blog is not a portfolio blog, we clearly do reviews only, and we’re really shocked you want us to encourage plagiarism.. simply, we have principles.

  10. admin N said:

    just because there’s good intentions, doesn’t mean we’re going to condone the plagiarism
    thank you

  11. josef said:

    Guys, there are too many award winning ideas that had similar incidents. This year Y&R Dubai won Gold in Cannes with a concept that turned out being an obsolete one published by Harley Davidson years ago…!
    the students who came up with this initiative might not have seen Calsberg ad… or they might have copied it.
    I don’t know who these students are and I don’t care.
    All I know is that I love the initiative and I support it simply because we need to change people’s behavior in this country.
    what this blog did is great, objective and (B)Professional. no one should doubt that!

    • Admin I said:

      exactly, we’re very open minded to discussion, but some comments make no sense sometimes!

  12. JoeHam said:

    wherever the source of the idea is,,, it still so great and could really be done in the streets of Beirut

  13. Lili said:

    I read your blog, and appreciate that there are individuals with a critical eye talking about whats happening in the field and not letting bad communication slide & some how letting all these boutiques and agencies know that audiences are not just mindless idiots.

    That said, i think you guys have misunderstood what a “review” entails, going through your posts its hard to get over your (all of your) cynical & almost bitter judgements (and no not so professional reviews). Guys things like this happen all the time, we ALLLLL know the bank note trick, bank notes have forever been used in such ways (there was even a movement that encouraged people to write pro-Palestine messages on doller bills to dissiminate the word across the globe). The fact that these kids did this does not prove your claim of plagiarism. How many times did you come up with an idea only to find out later that it has been done somewhere somehow. The well hasn’t run dry but chances are that with 7 billion people on this ancient earth ideas can repeat, recycle & even replicate by accident or on purpose. Also it is very funny how you say “no one should release a campaign without researching it” … not every thing has been documented (not speaking of case at hand), I bet you if you look harder you will find that some one actually beat Carlsberg to that idea, the designers job is not to turn over every rock that is simply ridiculous & unrealistic.

  14. admin N said:

    Hi lily
    thank you for taking the time to check out the blog and understand what we’re all about.
    unfortunately, you understood wrong, we are not professionals and never claimed we were (hence our name: Broffesional). We’re just ordinary people with passion for design who thought of creating a blog to share their subjective opinions. And i would like to assert on the word blog, we are not an official organization or anything. We have the freedom to be cynical, bitter, hateful and sarcastic because this is nothing more than a space to vent our frustration with the design field in Lebanon, and occasionally, the world.
    i’m sorry if you thought my post was too hard, it solely expresses my opinion and how i felt regarding this campaign.

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