MAD Beirut: Sanity is overrated

MAD Beirut: Sanity is overrated

By Admin I : After a series of advertising and branding catastrophes, I can proudly announce my pride in a campaign that can summarize what we have been trying to say in that blog for the past 3 months.

When one of our loyal readers (Mouli) suggested that we review this video, we never expected to be amazed by an online campaign for “another” nightclub in town that could generate all sorts of cliches and bubble gum concepts. we had so many past attempts, and things weren’t always positive.

So the nightclub is called “MAD Beirut” simply reflecting a true realistic image of our society with no retouching or other idealistic signs of patriotism. yes we can be mad, pretentious, immature, sex addicts and all what follow, and for once are proud to be all that! It seemed that this club doesn’t have another “color wheel” quality (aka white, sepia, whatever..” but has a true solid layer of concept behind its establishment even though it belongs to a chain of other clubs in Beirut.

What is striking about the viral video, is simply that it is indeed close to perfection! one of the best copywriting attempts along with great music, and an inspirational creative visual treatment that came just the way it should be! different, and mad!

The end came as good as the whole video, a smart brand that was able to capture the essence of beirut without overdoing it, ending with a very minimal logo, strongly connected to the club’s interior feel, very well animated with patterned visuals reflecting a diverse feel of the “a la Beirut” concept as well…

It is indeed true that “Sanity is overrated” and your campaign definitely  proves  the slogan right.

Finally, MAD Beirut is the right example on creating brands that belong to us, to our culture, and our lifestyle.. Very well done!

Kudos to:

Agency : Blitz
Creative Director : Dalia Nahas
Shot, edited and animated : BEIRUTVISUALS Crew

Directed by Gab Ferneiné
  1. Mouli said:

    Couldn’t have said it any better!

    This IS Beirut! :)

    (Btw, thanks for mentioning my name :D I’m glad to be one of the loyal readers ;) )

    • Admin I said:

      Glad you liked it :)) looking forward for your own contributions to the blog, anytime you want; we’ll be pleased to publish your own posts!!

  2. Mouli said:

    I’d love to :D
    Thank you!

  3. Tony Abou Ghazaly said:

    Couldn’t agree more. And couldn’t be more thrilled to read that is someone posting about this. Brilliant campaign from A to Z.

    • Admin I said:

      glad you liked it! keep visiting :)

  4. Couldn’t agree more. And couldn’t be more thrilled to read that is someone posting about this. Brilliant campaign from A to Z.

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