krikita nuts – La vie en “mauve”

krikita nuts – La vie en “mauve”

By Admin I : Its seems that some agency/client has a major color blindness issue (or someone has ditched his color theories class too early), that he committed such an erroneous assumption that the brand’s color is “mauve/purple” and built a whole advertising concept over a color (that he already misidentified).

It starts as every campaign with a handsome “imported” model roaming through the neighborhood, spreading smiles all over the place (any toothpaste ad in mind?) and suddenly he passes by a “dekkeneh” (how cliche is that) and suddenly as well, witnesses a full stand of Krikita, all shiny and appetizing, grabs a bag (forgets to pay) and starts enjoying la vie en “mauve” until he reaches his girl and their purple life goes on from there..

Are you questioning the purpose, the concept, the art-direction, the product itself?! Yes, me too. What is the connection? Don’t ask me! I’m just seeing poor post production coloring applied on typical visuals that could fit to any other mainstream product starting by air fresheners and reaching women pads, in the end c’est la vie en mauve (it should be “en fuschia”, and I insist!!)

  1. Matt said:

    well, purple after all is the colour of the packaging so they had to put it in somehow ;) BUT actually the very core storyline (boy on the road to reach his boo) is so abused to be depressing…still on abusing: “la vie en mauve”?!
    oh please!

    • Admin I said:

      It is the color the of package, but it doesn’t have to be the core concept of the ad!

      • Matt said:

        good point actually…

  2. AdminR said:

    they were inspired by “so3ad hosni” in her movie ” amirat 7obbi ana when she sings “el 7ayat ba2a lonha bambi ana gambak w enta gambi ” …

  3. AdminR said:
    • Admin I said:

      hahaha stop abusing the comments wall ! :P

  4. rouba said:

    I saw it two days ago and I was stunned, this is so bad I don’t know if I should cry or laugh!

  5. vee said:

    they just discovered they can dance and sing in ads…a lot…i predict a long year of random TVC-musicals for 2012….

    • Admin I said:

      Haha, true indeed! The year is already not very promising!

  6. MJ said:

    Its sad, this industry is going going down the drain in Beirut ! and we can not always blame the agencies and post production, the brand owners ( clients as we call them), are the final decision makers when it comes to final product….

  7. Leo8 said:

    Does any1 know who’s the agency behind this?

    • Admin I said:

      We’ll get back with an answer :)

  8. chafic said:

    what a ugly ad!! Plus its abused and by the way it taste so baaadd…regarding the purple color , its better for women pads

  9. marwa said:

    i want to know if krikita is gluten free?

  10. rouaida mortimer said:

    I felt in love with the new small cups of Krikita kernels but I was very disappointed when I found the content tasting like old not fresh nuts.

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